This is easily the most frequently asked question. And for good reason. It might be the most important question to consider. After all, this decides the foundation for your curling shoes for the near future. You want to make the right selection, and there are so many options from so many brands. But this is great news! You get to find shoes that look great, feel great, and with a little guidance make amazing curling shoes.

This is the first in a series of posts aimed at helping you find the right shoe. Instead of telling you which shoes to buy, I’ll help you understand what to avoid as well as what to look for.

For this post, let’s just focus on the obvious. You want a shoe that fits well and feels good. If you have to compromise there, what’s the point in getting custom shoes? You probably have a favorite shoe brand already. And they almost certainly have a bunch of shoes that will make great curling shoes. Lucky you!

Remember, you’ll be standing on ice for a couple of hours. You might be in these shoes for more than a couple hours. Bonspiel schedules have a way of ending up with back to back games. If you are prone to chilly toes, look to the thicker soles. Or maybe something that allows enough room for an insulating insole or thicker socks. Need more arch support? Wider fit? This isn’t your first shoe purchase. You know what feels good. You’ve got it from here.

Next: Things to consider about the upper/appearance.