I like muted colors. Earth tones. Suede. Two tone.

You like bright colors. Orange and lime green. Lycra. Flashy.

Everyone likes what they like, but there is more to consider.

Regarding durability. Let’s move beyond aesthetics. A little anyway. Curling shoes need to be durable. It’s said “form follows function”. I generally agree.

The hammer comes to a halt in the 3rd end, 12 rocks in play. Vices agree it’s 2 yellow. Time to start moving rocks to the board. You use the inside of your foot to start herding rocks. This will take it’s toll over time. Take a look at your current curling shoes. Are they worn on the inside near the ball of your big toe? How will the material of your new shoes hold up to that? Are there other wear areas on your current shoes to consider?

Regarding toe coats. You found some shoes that really speak to you. The perfect color and style. You want to keep them looking good. The toe coat will help keep them looking nice. But the toe material is a mesh fabric that REALLY breathes. That means the toe coat material may soak deep in to the mesh before it has set up. Besides a lumpy looking finish, it may cause issues inside the shoe.

You’ve never used a toe coat and think you’ll pass this time around too. But your new shoes have a rubber sole that extends upwards at the toe. You now realize that dragging your toe on delivery with these shoes is like using the rubber stopper on your roller skates back in middle school, and you can hear “Funky Town” play in your head on queue.

Get the toe coat. Always get the toe coat. And that smooth shine looks so sharp! But your new shoe has a stitched together upper, with big seam right across the toe area. Ya, the toe coat will cover it. But it won’t have that smooth look.

Regarding ornamentation. Some shoes will have metal eyelets. Some have buckles. Some have glitter trim. Some have a plastic or metal branding plate. All these things can potentially damage the ice surface. Look at your slide. Figure out what parts of your shoe come in contact with the ice during your delivery. Make a wise decision. If you need the shimmer of glitter, seal it. Then double seal it. A clear flexible epoxy of some sort should do the trick. You won’t make a lot of friends if you are damaging the ice or causing picks.

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