Answers to common questions…

New shoes are not required. You certainly can have your comfortable broken in shoes converted. Of course consider how much ‘life’ is left in your old shoes though. It may make sense to get a new pair of the same shoe you love. If you are sending in worn shoes, just be sure to clean them up well, especially the soles. Scrub them up, get the loose debris removed, and send them on their way!

For clarity, we are not making shoes. We ARE converting your existing shoes into curling shoes. Sliders are 1/4″ material, custom formed to each shoe and attached to the sole. Gripper pods are also formed to the shoe, and are attached with hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners to allow replacement as they wear. Adding a toe coat provides a durable shell to the trailing toe to both protect it from wear and significantly reduce drag on your delivery. Finally, a slip on gripper is added to protect your new sliders off the ice and provide grip while on the ice.

Shipping is slightly more for Canadian customers. But, there are a couple things to note that can save Canadian customers a little money.

You can save one leg of shipping fees by drop shipping your online shoe purchase directly to Craig’s Curling Shoes. When we receive your drop shipped shoes, we’ll take a picture of them and email you to verify style and size to ensure they are correct before starting.

When shipping from Canada to the US, be sure to indicate that this is a temporary import for “repairs/alterations” and declare a value of $1. Otherwise you may incur additional duty/tax on top of your carrier fees.

– Go shoe shopping. Find some shoes that you’d like to turn into curling shoes!
Order your shoe conversion. Select your options.
– Choose your return shipping.
– After you’ve completed your order, deliver your shoes to Craig…

Ship your shoes:
Craig’s Curling Shoes
532 245th Ave NW
Bethel, MN 55005

Bring them in person:
The curling office at Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, MN.

Reference your order number with your shoes.

Once we have your order and your shoes, we’ll get to work to get them on your feet and on the ice quickly!

As you might expect, turnaround times will vary with the season. In order to give every pair of shoes the attention needed to make them great, please allow 3-6 weeks, plus shipping times.

If you have a more hurried timeline, you can choose rush service at order. For an additional fee, your order will be priority handled to get your custom shoes on your feet quickly. This service is one week turnaround, shipping time excluded. Your new rush order will be queued behind prior rush orders, but ahead of standard orders. One week turnaround is best effort and may take slightly longer during high volume times.

You’ll be able to pay for your shoes with a credit/debit card, or with PayPal online at the time of order. If you are dropping your shoes off or picking them up in person, you can also pay with cash. Please do not include cash with shipped shoes.

Each brand and model of shoe is different. Though most any shoe can work, we suggest finding a comfortable, stylish shoe that has a flat sole. The flatter the better. Skateboard shoes make a great selection. Running shoes, or any shoe in which the heel and toe are curved sharply upward, or the sole has an aggressive tread are not the best choice. We have a lot more info on this subject here. If you have found a shoe you like and want to know what we think, send us the info at [email protected] and we will check it out.