Complete Custom Curling Shoe Conversion

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Everything you need for your custom curling shoe conversion order! Sliders, gripper pods, slip on gripper, and toe coat. The ‘whole deal’!

1/4" Teflon Sliders - Hook and Loop Attached - bndl
Toe Coat - Select Color
Gripper Pods - Attached - bndl
Slip On Gripper - bndl
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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions14 × 8 × 6 in

1 review for Complete Custom Curling Shoe Conversion

  1. Ray Sidney

    I had Craig make a pair of Asics triathlon shoes (these are basically running shoes) into curling shoes, more or less as a lark. After the conversion, the shoes are as comfortable as ever, and they give an incredibly smooth balanced slide—way better even my previous shoes, even though those rocked steel sliders. I still can’t believe how awesome these shoes are, and I bought another pair of them specifically to send to Craig to turn into curling shoes.

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